Local BrickLink stores servicing the SA LEGO® Community

We all know how hard it is to find the correct parts for a MOC (My Own Creation). We sometimes end up buy a LEGO® set just to get a few needed parts from it. A lot of us SAFOLs already know and use BrickLink. For who don’t, BrickLink.com is a site where one can acquire LEGO® parts, sets and accessories from all over the world. You will find the most recent and also hard to find items on BrickLink. If LEGO® released it you will most probably find it there. Some at a hefty price though.

BrickLink is more than just an online LEGO® shopping mall. It connects people all over the world who share the love of the LEGO® brand.

This quote from the Bricklink website sums up this sentiment:

“Dan Jezek (1977-2010) founded BrickLink in 2000 and operated the site for over a decade until his death at the age of 33. He created a profound example of helping a community grow and connect via the web. The “link” in the name BrickLink means “real connection between people.” Through the years, BrickLink continues to unite several millions of fans around the globe who share the same passion for all things LEGO®.”

SAFOLs has always held firm to the concept of supporting local before looking internationally.

We have a number of great local BrickLink stores who put in a lot of time and effort to give us quick and easy access to the LEGO® parts.

SAFOLs approached these stores are asked them to participate in this article and answer a number or questions so we could inform our community about who they are.

We asked the following questions:

  • How did you get started?
  • How long you have been running?
  • What difficulties and challenges have you faced along the way?
  • Are there any achievements you are proud of?
  • How do you deal with customers enquiring why local BrickLink prices are more expensive that international stores?
  • Doesn’t your store have any themes or speciality?
  • What parts do customers want to see more of?
  • What do you find positive about SA BrickLink stores?
  • Do you have any social media accounts?
  • Are there any other comments you would like to add?

Here is the great response we got from the stores who agreed to participate. (In alphabetical order)

Arc-bricks – Abrie Coetzee


  • Wanted to fund my LEGO® addiction. Selling extra parts to buy parts I needed.
  • Since 2016
  • Fake LEGO®, confusing variants of the same piece. International shipping.
  • Reaching 25000 inventory. Took long hours of cataloguing
  • We unfortunately have to pay $ or € prices in Rand plus shipping cost.
  • No
  • Classic space and classic castle
  • The sense of community
  • Always love to talk LEGO®with other store owners or like minded LEGO® addicts

Ben’s Bricks SA – Ben and Henrietta Hefer


  • I have a huge LEGO® collection and scaled down my LEGO® layout.
  • Since August 2022
  • To set up our shop to accommodate foreign and local orders. We still have not sorted out all the issues.
  • Despite of the high shipping cost, we have shipped to many different countries all over the world and we have many returning customers.
  • In general our local prices are cheaper, but in rare occasions higher than the world average. Currently the challenge is to import bricks and to be able to resell them at world average prices. Thus the two factors above will be the topics discussed with such customers.
  • We are specialising in plants and trees.
  • The basic bricks, plates and tiles are in high demand, and in some cases in larger quantities for large mocs.
  • the stores we have been in contact with since we started have always been helpful and delivered a good service.
  • No
  • No

Brickegy – Kerryn Haarhoff


  • I got started after purchasing on bricklink and realizing that I had some parts lying around that could help others complete sets and MOCS too. I started with some of my own pieces and then purchased some second hand bundles of LEGO® to add and I have grown from there.
  • I’ve been running Brickegy for 3 years.
  • The biggest challenge for me has been determining where my focus should lie regarding selling new or used LEGO®. Used LEGO® can be quite lucrative but takes many many hours to sort while new LEGO is so much easier to add but costs a lot more to invest in. Trying to find the balance there has been tricky but I’m figuring it out.
  • I was super excited about reaching 500 positive comments from buyers as well as getting my inventory to over 80 000 parts. I know I’m a bit of a small fish in the bricklink ocean but it is all exciting to me and I’m so grateful for the support from my customers.
  • It isn’t easy when customers ask that but most of the shops you get compared to have massive inventories and sell so much more LEGO® with teams of people working for them. It’s hard to compete with that when your shop is a fraction of the size and is operated by just one person (me).
  • I try to keep a variety of parts across all the different themes. So variety is my specialty.
  • Star Wars minifigures and vintage parts for sure as well as hard to find items like purple space helmets.
  • The majority of bricklink stores are well run by wonderful people who are passionate about LEGO®. I’m honoured to serve the LEGO® community alongside them.
  • My social media account needs some TLC so watch this space.
  • Just a big thank you to the South African LEGO® community for supporting local bricklink stores like mine. You make it possible for me to be stay-at-home-mom to my two children, fund my LEGO® hobby as well as provide me with an income that really helps. I’m so grateful.

Bricknaire – Sandra Pio


  • Parted out various sets and added some imported items.
  • 14 months
  • Linking PayPal to BL. Could not sell as people could not check out. It was a real problem. After a month I went to FNB and got verified and then only could I get the BL side linked.
  • I find making changes on BL side very hard. When I get one thing to work another is not working well. At the moment people complain that the only shipping is collection. On my side I have Pudo and PostNet as well. I am worried if I try and correct it something else will be out of sink.
  • I find adding parts very time consuming. A lot of clicking. Hours and hours just lost.
  • People do mention that the variety is very good, good service and good communication.
  • People don’t mention that. What I have noticed is that prices in South Africa has come down dramatically. Also that I may as well mark items down by 20% from international prices to compete with fellow SA shops.
  • I tend to buy sets with parts for modular buildings and quantities to make modular buildings bigger. But aim to have a huge variety
  • Big plates. Various items in Dark Bluish gray, light bluish gray, green and Dark tan and Tan. Variety.
  • Customers have more choice. I just feel that people do not realize how much time and money it takes to carry good stock and deliver good service. I think stores close or stop putting in the effort.
  • No
  • Issues as above. For myself I often feel frustrated that things are to time consuming. Adding items. Maybe I am missing short cuts but eg. When I want to quickly get to an item in my own store where can I just put in item number and quickly I am right there in my own store inventory.  I only know the long way.

BrickPirate – Gerhard


  • I started small. Parted out a few sets. Got to know the bricklink system. Everything was stored in 300 small cups and 30 large cups. Then I got in contact with another seller and bought his old storage system. Now I’m sitting just over 11k pieces.
  • March will be my 1 year in the game.
  • Bricklink is very daunting. A good storage system with quick access and the space to put it all.
  • Having a 100% positive review record. Having my first sale. My first year in this.
  • Have not encounter this yet.
  • My store image is pirate. But in the sense of LEGO® I do all themes and parts. So for now my store is generic.
  • Road plates. Anything castle related.
  • Very friendly and willingness to help.
  • https://youtube.com/@brick-pirate
  • https://www.instagram.com/brick_pirate
  • https://www.facebook.com/BrickPirateZA
  • Have the right mindset when starting a Bricklink store.

Bricks4Africa – Johannes Bisschoff


  • I ordered numerous times from BL and decided to start my own shop
  • I think since 2016!
  • Exporting market collapsed due to SA Post Office
  • 500 000 parts!!
  • We do not have access to bulk LEGO® parts
  • Technic and tiles!
  • Wide variety and numerous shops to choose from.  Quick delivery time compared to overseas orders
  • Facebook  Bricks 4 Africa
  • Although we do not have the huge stores like in Europe or the US customers can get their order within a few days, at a cheap price!

Cape Brick Fairy – Colleen & Elmar Wentzel


  • The importance came from loving a brand, with a rich and humble history and how it aims to bring people together.  We further identified a need that quite a number of parts were not readily available in South Africa. We know how frustrating it can be when a LEGO® creation is dependent on that one specific part, in a specific colour and size, and the delay it can cause waiting for that part to be imported if not available locally. At the Cape Brick Fairy, our Slogan is, “A World Where Adventure Awaits”, quite fitting with the growth and history of LEGO®, leg godt “Play Well”.
  • September 2017 – almost 7 years!
  • We have had a number of challenges some including in the unstable exchange rate, the SA postal service, and the customs VAT. We have also had some parcels destroyed in the delivery process and some parcels taking months to arrive.
  • The Cape Brick Fairy has never enforced a minimum buy on BrickLink. Our smallest order with the greatest success story would probably include selling a single part to restore a set the Client had on display at a school to convey a lesson. The set was the Saturn V. Upon order collection it became known he was a teacher. Our Client was so thankful he could find the single missing part to restore his set, and that is what keeps us motivated. We have also had the opportunity of making new friends through our BrickLink store and introducing them to the Cape LUG, of this we are proud as they feel part of a greater community. We have met with friends who have travelled abroad to demonstrate their niche LEGO® abilities. We have also attended to specific requests that we have managed to find and supply.
  • At the Cape Brick Fairy, local sets that are parted out are consolidated. Whereas imported parts and sets are loaded at a different rate, as there were different associated costs involved (including Seller BrickLink fees, shipping costs, insurance fees, online payment transaction fees and customs VAT)
  • We try to offer our Customers the best price. By showing the different price options the Client can get a fair understanding of what certain parts can escalate to.
  • No, it has never become a need. We do try and consolidate certain listings where the part listing prices are not too far apart. This does however leave room for error due to the amount of manual intervention required.
  • We try to offer a wide variety of parts.
  • Over the years we see the trend that customer want the latest innovative parts but in large quantities. Oh and goats…
  • It is great to see the new number of stores popping up. It gives the LEGO® community so much more options.
  • We would like to thank our Clients, Friends and LUG members for their continuous support. Without your support this success would not have been possible. We would also like to thank SAFOLs, for their continued encouragement and for being a LEGO® ambassador in SA.

Dadueven’s Blockery – Deon and Angelina


  • We started with a shoebox of extra parts while trying to find parts to rebuild Speed Champion’s cars found in bulk lots. This was approx August of 2021. We didn’t consider us a store until December 2021 when we went and bought storage drawers for our growing shoebox of parts. To be honest we had no idea this was going to be a thing, it was just an adventure with little knowledge of what we were getting into. We are expecting to hit 250,000 pieces and minifigures in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Dec 2021 – current
  • Everything! The biggest was not knowing what we were doing to start off with. Shamed to say we sold some less than ideal parts with playwear until we learned what customers expected. To us LEGO® was LEGO® it was supposed to be played with. We know a bit more now and attempt to have used like new or comment when a rare or vintage part has playwear. A lot of customers think we have a brick and mortar store and we are affiliated with LEGO® company and are linked to the other stores in SA. We are basically individual franchises with our own terms, shipping, and processes. Most of us have full time jobs and family and then the store. Many of us are also LEGO User Group (LUG) members so building for expos can take up a lot of time, so it’s really a balancing act. Storage has been a big issue and organizing, sometimes parts just find themselves in odd places would love to have an Akro-Mils supplier for drawers. We do what we can but it gets very costly. BrickLink system has some glitches that others have also shared with rare and odd parts showing up in stock. We’ve had some rare 2015 parts show up when we hadn’t been able to upload for weeks. They then get bought out and then show up the next day again. Only other challenge is how the SA pricing is lower for the most part than International. Some people price higher for parts that are less readily available in SA especially minifigures but as sets become priced near US/EU rates prices are now getting closer to international averages.
  • Sharing the passion and mindset that Bricklink stores provide a wonderful service to the SA LEGO® community. We do this by mentoring new stores, from an idea to opening. By  development of a new FB Bricklink focused group for South Africans. And by keeping our hearts focused on being part of a community, by sharing, and giving. We would ultimately like to develop a LEGO® based philanthropic outreach for kids in South Africa.
  • On average they are not. We price to South Africa averages by clicking (group by currency) on every single item we upload. However, prices are very dynamic and can be quite volatile. New pieces price high as availability is less in SA, however, as the parts are included in more sets the prices drop. Thus if you uploaded a new set with new to LEGO® pieces you are sitting very high and unless you are uploading the same pieces in the next months it might appear higher than international. Also some stores import sets, parts, and pieces that are not available in SA, so their prices reflect the costs of shipping, import fees, and vat. Set 60378 was released with a white polar bear and babies but were not available here. That set if imported would be much higher than the international average simply because there is no sets available and thus very rare.
  • No. We have a motto, “Everything Sells Eventually”.
  • We have very active LUG’s with amazing special interest groups. I don’t think it’s specific parts but it’s the need for more available volume of parts and some critical parts for builds. Masonry for castles, technic motors and gears for GBC, tan plates for star wars, you name it when you are making a big build volume is the issue.
  • Camaraderie! There is the odd exception, but the majority of the stores have been a wonderful experience to deal with, and over time the owners are people I have been able to call on for help or advice. They really are passionate about customer service, providing quality parts and helping the AFOL/MOC community at large.
  • https://www.facebook.com/DaduevensBlockery
  • https://www.instagram.com/daduevensblockery/
  • I would like to see both the stores available and buyer base increase on BrickLink in South Africa. I often see people scammed, over and over by the same people on different accounts. You know this because the account numbers are the same. Genuine LEGO® is an absolute requirement to be a seller on BrickLink, buyer accounts are free to use as sellers pay the fee. Sometimes a small or odd part slips through when one is processing thousands of used bulk LEGO® that tends to have fakes. Parts might get mis-entered as there are over 80,000 lots and variants available. There is the odd glitch in available numbers. Most stores are happy to fix any errors if you contact them through BrickLink messages, or provided contact numbers/email. We offer a replacement or refund and do what we can to make our customers happy. Yet, overall I look at BrickLink as a safer option for South Africans with all the scammers out there in FB marketplace.

ELF Bricks SA – Ernst Fourie


  • Building a LEGO® friends city with my daughter, I found I bought a lot of sets to get pieces I needed. This was before realising bricklink exists 🫣
  • I haven’t officially opened yet
  • Storage! Storage! Storage! Currently organising them in little baggies, but I have grander plans. Also the settings for checkout is extremely challenging.
  • Parting out all the new sets I had to populate the store, also passing 10 000 bricks
  • I haven’t dealt with that yet. But I’m assuming it’s the same problems facing other hobbies too. Importing usually costs more than the actual pieces.
  • So in theory, I’d explain that while the actual pieces might be cheaper, but shipping would be more than double, and any issues will be almost impossible to sort out
  • I’m not really interested in any particular theme, except maybe the upcoming D&D sets, I’d not mind getting into that theme
  • I know I’m always looking for plant pieces
  • The community seems very friendly and open
  • Not yet

Elna’s Mini Mart – Elna Leimecke


  • In 2013, I came out of my Dark Age and started collecting the LEGO® CMF Series 8, which was the latest CMF Series available at the time. I was hooked! And I had to have them ALL! So I started looking for Series 1 to Series 7 CMFs locally, on Facebook and Bid or Buy. I managed to find some but I found that the ones I was missing was more readily available overseas. Which is when I began importing Polybags and CMFs from the US and UK via Ebay. I used to sell the Polybags and on Facebook LEGO Groups.
  • I then realized that there are other LEGO® enthusiasts who also wanted to complete or start their own LEGO CMF collections.
  • I then decided to open my own Bricklink Store, to help fellow LEGO® enthusiasts to complete their CMF Collections.
  • Elna’s Mini Mart Bricklink Store opened its doors on 17 February 2019 and the rest is history!
  • 5 Years
  • When importing from overseas, there is always a possibility that parcels can go missing or the items bought might not be in the condition you hope it will be. Which is why I rather sell new CMFs, parts and sets instead of used.
  • When I started, my achievement was to reach 100 positive feedbacks from buyers. Currently I am on 902, which I think is a big achievement, since my store is of a small size and I specialize mostly in CMFs. And it is always give me an amazing feeling when I can help someone find that one minifigure they are missing, to complete their collection.
  • I tell them that LEGO® is more readily available overseas, and in larger quantities, than in SA. The only way to get large quantities of parts is to import, which is quite costly and hence the higher pricing in SA.
  • Collectible Minifigures is my speciality.
  • Tiles. DBG and LBG parts are always in demand. Plants/greenery are also quite sought after.
  • Most of the sellers are quite helpful and will go out of their way to help the buyers find what they are looking for. And they are a friendly group of people!
  • None at the moment. Maybe when I can spend all my time on LEGO® and not have a day job!
  • Bricklink is a great platform to assist buyers to find the parts/sets/minifigs that they are looking for.

Everybrick is awesome! – Stephanie Kruger


  • Me and my children collected LEGO®. I had lots of extra parts so I’ve decided to start a bricklink store to fund our hobby.
  • 3 years
  • My store is small so I don’t have a lot of sales.
  • I’m very happy with my 100% rating. I like selling quality items.
  • I don’t necessarily mark my items higher than international stores.  I keep to the average prices.
  • I have some kind of theme. “The LEGO® movie.” hence the name “Everybrick is awesome and my profile picture “LEGO® movie” Brickheadz.
  • Favorite parts are mostly gray, black and tan bricks, I think, for MOC’s. Minifigures are also very popular.
  • I love the fact that the South African stores are growing. This will give buyers more options and variety.
  • *

FingersAre4 – Kevin Botes


  • Decided to get rid of excess pieces
  • 1 year
  • Intitial setup, was not easy to figure it all out.
  • Go live
  • I don’t, never had the question
  • Not really – mostly used items
  • No idea
  • Community, we have teh groups we bounce ideas off each other
  • Not for bricklink.

FS Brix – Frans and Suzette


  • We discovered that we had an abundance of surplus stock that needed to be cleared. Initially, we attempted to sell off many parts in batches through WhatsApp groups. However, managing payments, shipping, and other logistics quickly became overwhelming. We decided then to start the store and began adding various items, including nearly 100 Star Wars figures, which sold out rapidly. It became evident that certain vintage “classic” parts were highly sought after. By procuring high-quality used batches, we replenish our inventory with these old parts, which consistently prove to be fast-selling items.
  • June 2024 we will be 2 years old
  • Storage and inventory management posed our most significant challenge, given the substantial volume of parts we needed to accommodate. As our operations evolved, effective management of our storage facilities became paramount.
  • With nearly 1000 orders fulfilled and not a single neutral or negative feedback received, we are committed to maintaining this impeccable record. Our primary objective is to uphold customer satisfaction above all else.
  • While we haven’t encountered a query like this before, it’s worth noting that we consistently strive to offer the most competitive prices possible. In fact, some of our parts and minifigures are priced lower than anywhere else globally. Our pricing philosophy is simple: we consider what we ourselves would be willing to pay for these items.
  • No, our approach is to offer a diverse range of products based on whatever items we can procure. Our goal is to cater to a wide array of interests and preferences.
  • Neutral-colored tiles, bricks, and plates (shades of Gray, Tan, Black, and White)
  • One of the most positive aspects of SA BrickLink stores is the strong sense of community they foster. These stores prioritize collaboration and support among their members, creating an environment where both sellers and customers are valued and looked after.
  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090267979267
  • The customer service provided by SA BrickLink stores is exceptional. They are always responsive to inquiries and go above and beyond to ensure a positive shopping experience for their customers. Some stores even go as far as helping clients to source parts on their wanted lists, truly going the extra mile for their customers. This dedication to customer satisfaction sets SA BrickLink stores apart and ensures that every customer’s needs are met with personalized attention and care.

HJK BRICKS – Hein van Kaam


  • In part both Travelers Tales LEGO® Games and LEGO® Dimension got me hooked on LEGO® again, I understood how PC and Console gaming took me into my LEGO® dark ages, but it brought me back as well. I started buying Dimension Parts from overseas BrickLink stores and the rest was history.
  • October 2015 to March 2024
  • Effective Delivery Partners, Issues with stock control and stock taking.
  • Customer satisfaction, It is our most important principal and quick turnaround times
  • This does not come up at all
  • No, we stock variety parts and Minifigs, But with a Bias to Space related and Pop Culture
  • Minfigure Parts
  • A growing community of fellow AFOLS, always expanding
  • We would like to thank SAFOLs for this review of local BrickLink Stores, we appreciate the spotlight being given to our local stores.

Investment Toys + Hobbies – Eddy Blatt


  • Long before I opened my Bricklink store, I started buying LEGO® for my kids and building with them. Then I started collecting sets from certain themes and before I knew it the addiction took a hold of me and I started expanding my collection and began delving into minifigures. Eventually, I realised I could fund my LEGO® hobby by selling parts of my collection (new and used sets, minifigures and unique parts) for a profit and reinvesting the profits in other sets.
  • Although my Bricklink store has been around a while longer, it is relatively new and I have only been running it seriously for under a year (part-time as a side hobby). I have listed a bare fraction of the amount of stock I still need to list in my store.
  • In opening a Bricklink store, one naturally faces some difficulties and challenges along the way, such as:
  • – Learning and operating the Bricklink platform which can take some time to get your head around, from initially setting up the store, to uploading stock, to the invoicing part of the platform.
  • – Storing LEGO®(space constraints).
  • – Sorting LEGO® (time constraints).
  • – Picking a strategy for the store.
  • – Realising that this is not only a LEGO® business, but it is also a packaging and distribution business. Almost all orders need to be packed and couriered to a purchaser, which comes with a host of its own challenges.
  • – One of the greatest challenges of all, is the amount of constant research one has to put in, to keep learning (which is also time-consuming).
  • I am proud of the collection I have built over the years, which indirectly translates into sought-after stock. I have the luxury of choosing what I want to list and what I want to keep in my own personal collection and for how long. I believe by specialising in a particular niche, I fulfil a sector of the market which is less focused on thereby giving me a slight edge.
  • Whilst customers may feel that SA Bricklink prices are high, I am in the fortunate position that I don’t have to sell my stock to earn a living, which means I can afford to wait until I obtain my price or merely keep my stock in my own collection.
  • But, I believe we need to educate our local buyers in terms of pricing. There are a number of hidden costs and factors that go into the pricing that customers are often not aware of which I could write extensively about on its own.
  • If one estimates the amount of money spent at the LEGO® stores or the toys shops in the large malls, there is definitely no shortage of money in the local market, and therefore I believe it is not so much about our pricing levels (when reasonable), but more about the way we position ourselves and our values, such as building trust with our customers and providing a good service.
  • My store doesn’t focus on mass ‘part’ sales like most other Bricklink stores, not at all. I prefer to focus on sets, minifigures or parts that are less common and harder to find in the local market, thereby fulfilling a particular niche.
  • There will always be a demand for old collectible minifigures or sets that are no longer produced. The challenge is getting the local market to know that there is a place where they can actually shop for these old minifigures or sets.
  • I believe we have a healthy number of Bricklink stores in South Africa, but in saying that we are still small and nowhere close to the scale of that in the American or European markets. The benefit of a larger market is a wider availability to parts and access to that special minifigure or set that we are trying to get our hands on. Sometimes we just need to find that one magic part and for that reason I would encourage and support as many more stores that wish to get involved and open in our local market. The more the local Bricklink market expands, the more the word will get out there, and the more the local market will grow and learn that they have an incredible bunch of people and stores that they can depend on.
  • We launched our Facebook page in early Jan 2024 https://www.facebook.com/investmenttoysandhobbies/ and plan to launch our website http://www.investmenttoys.co.za in the future which is currently under construction.
  • Whether buying or selling on the Bricklink platform, the best advice I could give is to rather communicate more than less. The Bricklink platform is designed to function perfectly without communicating with one’s customers which is often very impersonal. In my experience, it’s amazing what a little bit of increased communication can achieve! Here’s one example: WhatsApping your customer a picture of their parcel as it is being booked into the courier company.  It’s something so easy to do, yet hardly anyone does it? – Food for thought.

JR Treasure Trove – Jemma Jansen van Vuuren and Rosalind Bastard


  • We are a mother and daughter start up, she always wanted to sell some, so as soon as I got into lego we got it into it right away by selling her older sets and figures. We had such fun that we started our BL store 🙂
  • 3 months only
  • Definitely the order processing with paypal. every few orders someone just can’t check out.
  • Our first sale and just our amazing feedback from clients on the packaging and treats.
  • We haven’t encountered that issue yet.
  • Definitely fantasy is our main theme and figures.
  • More special figures ie POC and Star wars come up.
  • Easy way to sell Mutiple items with the client’s options selected.
  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61558222770617 https://www.tiktok.com/@jr.treasure.trove
  • We have found the SAFOLs and BL community so wonderful to deal with and such fun sharing our passions together!

McT’s Bricks – Craig McLaurin


  • We got started because I wanted to make bricks and parts available to South Africans fond of Lego. I needed some part for a set I was building and from their our passion for selling started.
  • Our store has been trading for 7 years now.
  • Every so often there is a shortage of a particular part (unfortunately, it happens) and the challenge for me is to find the part for our buyer. Usually this means finding a current new set with the part(s) in it.
  • I am proud that the store is 7 years old now and still growing. I am a bit of an introvert and the store has allowed me to create new friendships. For me, this is a great achievement.
  • I have not had many inquiries about my store’s prices. If I do get questioned why prices are more than another store or country, it gives me the opportunity to review pricing. If my prices are out of line with the market average, I am happy to change my pricing.
  • I do not have any theme or specialty. I tend to buy sets with parts that I like or believe are desirable.
  • Customers want to see more neutral colours (like LBG, white, DBG, tan and dark tan) that can be used in landscaping or buildings. I am constantly trying to find and make these colours available in parts that can be used in MOC’s. But I am always amazed by the colour kaleidoscope that buyers want. So, we cannot forget about such parts and colours.
  • I find that local BrickLink store owners are always available to help one another. Camaraderie is something I love. Store owners are always only to happy to give advice and words of encouragement. I love it!
  • https://www.facebook.com/mct.s.bricks/
  • I love seeing new members from the BrickLink community. It is always special to introduce new people to buying from this platform. It is always a privilege to provide parts that buyers need for their buildings, MOC’s and sets. BrickLink is such an amazing place to provide buyers with the parts they need. I love being a part of this.

Piece Together – Leon


  • 5 years
  • Many
  • First 100 orders
  • I explain the quality of the product and the exchange rate
  • There are a few
  • Masonary bricks
  • Community

StormyBricks – Willy


  • Selling my collection safely
  • 6 months
  • Not much apart from 0 rated scammers and 0 part sales
  • Not really. Think have a good reputation towards LEGO® in ZA
  • Not yet had to
  • No
  • I think affordable bulk and special 0r9ject castle,space, landscape oriented parts
  • Safe, shipping cost, well known community
  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61550258923200
  • Not really right now

The Stud Farm – Paul Rotherham


  • As an AFOL, I always found it difficult to source parts locally. I realised that I might be able to help fellow AFOLS find the parts they were looking for if I opened a store and let go of many of my duplicate sets that were sitting idle. This would also help me fund my LEGO® hobby. When The Stud Farm opened, there were fewer than 30 stores in South Africa, with many stocking very small parts quantities, so I figured it would feel good to be able to contribute to the local LEGO® market.
  • I am currently in my 5th year (The Stud Farm opened in 2019)
  • Building an expandable storage system that could grow as my parts count increased. Sourcing parts at reasonable prices can also be challenging. I’ve also found that manging a Bricklink store has taken away lots of time I had to actually enjoy the hobby and so I now spend less time building and being creative than I would like to.
  • Upon opening my store, I made it a goal to become one of the largest local stores in terms of part count. I also promised myself to deliver the best service possible with quick turnaround times, quality packaging and fast shipping.
  • I’ve never been asked this. Not once. Ever.
  • No specific theme, I strive for the best variety possible and this is often determined by what parts and sets are available locally.
  • Every customer is different. I realised long ago that there is no “secret” to which parts sell and which don’t. There are some more popular colours (DBG, LBG, Dark Tan, Tan etc) but one never knows what parts people are looking for. As a buyer myself, the parts I am looking for can vastly differ based on the project I am working on. I think a decent sized inventory with a high part count and plenty of variety (lots) is attractive to all buyers.
  • I think we are servicing the needs of many LEGO® enthusiasts who would otherwise be unable to complete their sets or build their MOCS.
  • I have Instagram and Facebook accounts though seldom use them.
  • The Stud Farm’s buyers are often first timers. This has been the trend since I opened. Although I do have some regulars, I would estimate that this is less than 30% of my business. Most people return to my store a few times a year though the large number of newcomers is indicative that Bricklink is still new to many people. I often meet serious LEGO® enthusiasts who have never heard of Bricklink or, if they have, didn’t realise there are also local stores.

Theo’s Brickz – Theo Dryden


  • It all started, when I was buying and selling sets. Where some of the set sha missing pieces, I used Bricklink to source them. Some sets just had way to many pieces. Then I started listing the pieces that I had, to buy more LEGO®.
  • About 2 years
  • Finding time to run the store.
  • Meeting new people, especially when I can supply pieces, for when some1 is rebuild their childhood sets
  • I have never had that topic come yet. I try and keep my prices as affordable as possible
  • Not really. I try and find affordable sets for my store. I will part out any set
  • My customers, want me to increase my store’s inventory. I need to keep it as manageable as possible for me
  • That we all support each other
  • No I don’t. Don’t have time for it
  • None at the moment

UltraMels Block Shop – Melanie Frauenstein


  • It was my hubbys idea! As we are LEGO® enthusiasts it was a great opportunity to engage with with fellow enthusiasts!
  • Will be a year in May 2024!
  • International shipping is so expensive! As such we have taken away being able to ship abroad.
  • I hit my 200 order milestone not too long ago, and I thought it would be impossible to achieve so soon after opening.
  • To be completely honest I’ve never found myself in that situation. The only queries I have had were from international clients asking why we had to ship via DHL and why we couldn’t use your postal service instead.
  • We cater to all LEGO® needs! Star Wars will always hold a special place in my heart but we try to cater for everyone.
  • Some of my best selling items are technic parts and minifigs!
  • Everyone is so helpful and kind! Being part of our little community in SA has been absolutely wonderful and I have met so many great people
  • https://www.instagram.com/ultramelsblockshop
  • No

Zerst Bricks – Andre


  • We started as a small store from a small room with 120,000 parts from our own collection
  • Its been 3 years
  • We experienced difficulties managing our time between running the bricklink store and working. From this experience we managed to figure out ways to improve efficiencies, get valued personnel and move forward with our bricklink store.
  • That we continued growing the store during difficult times and managed to secure international sales even thou were located in SA.
  • I haven’t really had this experience as much, however, if there is a request, I would consider reducing pricing to accommodate these customers (depending on the part).
  • Not currently, however, our goal is to become a bulk supplier of parts for MOC builders.
  • Various, in our community there are different type of builders that have different needs and interests.
  • We have an amazing community in SA and its good to see how local bricklink stores go over and beyond to keep their customers happy, and how the community tries to support local BL stores, even when their smaller than international ones.
  • N/A
  • Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story 😊

SAFOLs would like to thank all the SA BrickLink store owners who participated in this article and you our loyal SAFOLs for taking the time to read it and get to know them.

Please make the effort to browse through these stores. Clicking on the store names above will take you directly to their BrickLink store page. Who knows what hidden gems and bargains your will find.

This will now be a living document to be updated as we get other stores wishing to participate. If you would like to add your store, please fill in the this link and email info@safols.co.za letting us know you have completed it. https://forms.gle/bPJwPXYRJgJabpEr9