41757 Friends Botanical Garden Review

Review by Anne-Marie Wolfaardt (SAFOLs Members, CapeLUG Members)

This is one of the most beautiful LEGO® sets I have ever built. The LEGO® Friends Botanical Garden set is elegant and can be used in any LEGO® City. I loved building it.

The set has 1072 pieces and 3 LEGO® Friends Mini-dolls.

Recommended age for the set is 12+, which means it caters for more advanced builders so ensure you some advance building skills.

The box already shows some of the fauna and flora that will be created in the set and their botanical names. Inside the box is the instruction booklet, six bags and a small sticker sheet.

The three LEGO® Friends characters are:

  • Liann, the artistic skater, comes with a sketchbook and pen.
  • Adi’s apron shows she works at the botanical garden.
  • Niko, their friend from high school, has a camera and selfie stick, although I am not sure how he can take pictures with the selfie stick if his phone is in a messaging app 😊

I love the coral and yellow colours used on the Liann’s and Adi’s tops.

On page 2 and 3 of the instruction manual you get a guide to some of the fauna and flora used in the build.

Bag 1 builds 2 mini-dolls, a picnic blanket with accessories and the pond.

  • Building the pond was very interesting.  The design use to build the pond can be used when making MILS system, and I will surely use this technique in future builds. There are 2 koi fish printed 1×2 tiles and a bright green frog that you can see through the light blue tiles of the pond.  The pond is rounded off with some tan tiles and is decorated with ducks and lily pads that makes the pond very colourful.

Bag 2 builds the last mini-doll, waterfall, and the start of the building.

  • The waterfall is beautiful, and the design is very simple but so effective.  Inside this part of the building are the succulents and cacti.  You also build a seating area that will surround a tree, later in the built. 

Bag 3 continues with the opposite side of the building. 

  • On this side we have all the other exotic plants that makes the botanical garden beautiful. The creative use of parts to make the plants is amazing.  The Bird of Paradise uses a spiky orange headpiece, the nepenthes use bright green saxophone, and the rafflesia uses red spiky shoulder pads.

Bag 4 continues with the building and adds some more plants that hang in the air. 

  • We also build a dome over the plants, and it looks so fantastic.  In my opinion, I think they missed a 1×4 white tile to finish off where the dome is connected.

Bag 5 starts with the finishing touches of the first floor of the building as well as the water fountain on the roof.

Bag 6 has all the trees that are added to the building. 

  • The trees are so beautiful and just gives the botanical gardens that finishing touches that makes for a great build. The park bench by the entrance where visitors can sit is unique because of the use of the open mouth black snakes for the framework.

The dome is a very eye-catching fixture. I enjoyed building the structure that suspends the 4 butterflies that is attached to the dome.

The 2 trees that finish off the building shows the creative use of LEGO® pieces. The plumeria tree is surrounded by a seating area that makes the Botanical Garden look so inviting and tranquil.  The plum blossom tree just adds that extra dash of colour to the pond.

The only thing I would change in the set is to swap the succulents/cacti and the bonsai tree. The succulents and cacti grow in a dry and hot environment and near the waterfall is not good placement, placing the bonsai tree next to the waterfall will give it a cool environment and protect it inside the building. 

I highly recommend this set; it is fun to build and will be a great addition to any LEGO® City. The set looks sophisticated and grown up.  This is a must have for all the LEGO® Friends lovers.