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Liking the SAFOLs Page and/or joining the Community Group on Facebook:
By liking the SAFOLs Page and/or joining the Community Group on Facebook, you become a member of SAFOLs and agree to be bound by the rules and conditions governing the interactions on the SAFOLs Facebook page.

No member is allowed to speak on behalf of SAFOLs. Complaints, rants or discussions held on any other group or platform is done in the members personal capacity, and they will he held solely liable for any damages caused, not SAFOLs. If a member has been found to be in breach of this, they will be removed from the community.

Rules regarding the advertising and selling of LEGO® on the SAFOLs Facebook Community Group

We do not accepting sales posts on the SAFOLs Facebook group, but instead will promote the great sales groups that really go out of their way to ensure safe transactions.

If you have any sales, please make use of these groups.

Lego buy/sell trade ZA South Africa


Buy & Sell Lego South Africa


2nd Hand Lego Trader South Africa


Rules regarding posting on the SAFOLs Facebook Community Group:

    1. All posts must be approved by an admin.

    2. If we are not able to see your post due to it being on a private profile, page or group then we will not be able to approve it.
    3. Only posts regarding LEGO® sets and/or parts or LEGO® – related items will be allowed on the page.

    4. No inappropriate or offensive posts will be allowed and will not be approved by the Admins. ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘offensive’ in this context, means, inter alia, but is not limited to, posts that promote racism, violence, hate speech, nudity, and criticism of other members. If material has been posted that you find inappropriate or offensive please immediately report this to one of the Admins of the Group. The SAFOLS Admins will immediately investigate these incidents and remove any offending or inappropriate material.

    5. Naming and shaming of other members will not be tolerated.

    6. Please note that as an RLOC (Recognized LEGO Online Community) we cannot approve posts ranting about The LEGO Group, pricing, etc. as this may jeopardize our RLOC status.

For your information or queries regarding SAFOLs and the rules above, please email info@safols.co.za

Fun Fact!

Why is there a “s” at the end of the community name?

Technically, SAFOL is a generic term for a South African Fan of LEGO, thus we added the “s” to make it plural as we are a community!