About SAFOLs

The SAFOLs Facebook group was created at the beginning of 2017 by South Africans who are passionate about LEGO® .

In April 2018 SAFOLs became the first RLOC (Recognised LEGO® Online Community) in South Africa with a current and growing membership following of 1500+ members

SAFOLs is a South African online community where people can share their love for, and knowledge of LEGO®.

The SAFOLs Facebook group is also a place to sell, buy or swap LEGO®, to post photos of LEGO® MOCs; to inspire others and share LEGO® creations and ideas. We are all about having fun and connecting with like-minded people.

We run competitions quite regularly to encourage our members to use their imaginations and build wonderful MOCs. We have prizes for both adults and kids.

We have recently launched our website that includes product reviews. We are encouraging our members to get involved and write reviews on sets that they have built themselves, in order to share their opinions with the other community members.

We have plans to start a charity outreach program where our members can help out and give back to those less fortunate.