76419 Hogwarts Castle and Grounds Review

By Rakesh Gosai (SAFOLs Brick Deputy)

Hey there SAFOLs! How do you get into Hogwarts? Through the Dumble-door.

Brace yourselves for the exciting news about the 76419 Hogwarts Castle and Grounds set. It showcases a super cool micro scale version of Hogwarts Castle!

This compact model takes inspiration from the LEGO® Architecture series, and let me tell you, it doesn’t hold back on the awesomeness. With 2,660 pieces, it manages to capture the essence of Hogwarts without taking up all your space or emptying your wallet.

I mean, let’s be real here, not everyone can afford the epic 71043 Hogwarts Castle set that costs a small fortune. LEGO® knows that, and they’ve heard our pleas. They’ve created this more practical and affordable option that still looks absolutely stunning.

The design itself is on point, with all the iconic towers and spires of Hogwarts beautifully represented. But that’s not all – they’ve also included references to key moments and places in the Harry Potter series. From the Chamber of Secrets to the Durmstrang Ship, the Weasley’s Ford Anglia stuck in the Whomping Willow, and even the Beauxbatons Carriage landing, you’ll find all the magical details you love.

Opening the box, you’ll find lots and lots of numbered bags, this was a very full box and includes two very thick instruction manuals, they look beautiful and throughout the instructions, there’s detailed info about each section of Hogwarts.

In this set, the Castle looks like it is coming out of the water with all of the White Caps around it. I do really like it I think it’s an amazing display piece. The castle build, the rock work behind it and throughout the build is excellent, you can see some Crystal pieces and sand green being used to represent trees as well as ice cream cone pieces and dark green pieces. Very good looking at the bottom of the build. The Boathouse with 12 pieces looks really good! This set has all printed tiles!!

There’s a couple of Pathways leading away from the boathouse, one in a tan colour and one in a dark tan colour. The dark tan leads to Beauxbatons Carriage flying through the sky and The Great Hall, you can see that Shield piece is printed with a clock, and just below that we have the printed doorway and a courtyard. The Great Hall overall just looks phenomenal, and it’s built at a really cool angle, just to the right of that we have the Grand Tower where you would find Dumbledore’s office.

The back side of the Great Hall there are printed window pieces, with more trees and a pathway leading into another large building and Courtyard area. There’s a bridge with a small stream of water underneath it, leading across to the next section where you’ll find some very nice, printed window pieces. The Astronomy Tower which also looks pretty great on the side, although the side of it with all the holes looks a little bit weird, I think this needs to be tweaked.

I really found the underneath of the build very strange as I am used to building on a baseplate and this set does not use one! They have instead used plates, maybe something for me to change at a later date.

If you’re into minifigures, this set comes with an exclusive Architect of Hogwarts Minifigure. This guy is dressed to impress, with a snazzy pearl gold outfit. Plus, can we take a moment to appreciate his new beard? It really grows on you!

All in all, LEGO® has really went all out in designing this set. I had the chance to see it up close AND build it, trust me, Harry Potter fans are going to be over the moon with this Pottercularly version of Hogwarts Castle. Whether you’re a collector or just a fan of all things magical, this set is a must-have.

Head on out to your closest LEGO® store and be sure to use the spell Accio to summon this set!