70834 – MetalBeard’s Heavy Metal Motor Trike! Review

By Rakesh Gosai (SAFOLs Brick Deputy)

Power into battle against Sweet Mayhem and Star with THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ 70834 MetalBeard’s Heavy Metal Motor Trike! It features a built-in MetalBeard minifigure head, rotating turret with adjustable shooting cannons, adjustable shark shooter with snapping jaws, crow’s nest and flag and a huge front wheel. This fun-packed construction toy includes an Apocalypse-borg Benny minifigure and a Sweet Mayhem mini-doll figure with cool weapons and accessories, plus a brick-built Star figure to recreate action-packed adventures from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2.

Measures over 6” (17cm) high, 12” (31cm) long and 7” (19cm) wide

Let’s get into the details of this set, it comes with 4 numbered bags, 1 that is not numbered, which contains the four back wheels, front wheel and rim. This trike is classic steampunk style and would fit in well on the scene of Mad Max.

Bag 1 contains the mini-doll Sweet Mayhem, with anime style hair and helmet. Star toy which doubles as Sweet Mayhem’s glider. Nothing complicated in this build so far.

Bag 2 has no minifigures in it, just more LEGO® bricks. I found this stage very interesting as the trike resembles a miniature version of Metal Beard’s Sea Cow Ship and as you progress, you will build on the trike’s engine components from page 26 onwards. At the end of bag 2, the set resembles an engine complete with 4 exhausts!

Bag 3 contains the Apocalypse-Borg Benny minifigure and Metalbeard. As you progress through the bricks, I got a sense that I was building the internals of Metalbeard and wondered how this would fit in with the trike. Once you get to the end of page 47, Metalbeard is seamlessly integrated into the trike… I guess that’s the power of the brick!

Bag 4 contains the remainder of the bricks plus I needed to include the contents from the unmarked bag. It’s at this point where I could see the “ship” start changing into a trike. Metalbeard’s arms are a shark-canon and a double barrel canon.

I really enjoyed this build, the overall stance of the trike has a chopper bike feel but was disappointed with the lack of suspension on the front wheel. The double barrel canon works really well but the shark-canon does not work well at all. The colour scheme works well and the play-ability of this set will keep you entertained! Great use of parts and techniques, and is visually a fun set.

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