All sizzle and no steak: A user’s review of the LEGO® Technic 42096 – Porsche 911 RSR

By Morné Gouws (SAFOLs Brick Deputy)

What had the makings of an innovative creation from LEGO® Technic becomes a bland venture into roads well-travelled.

As an avid LEGO® Technic fan, I leapt at the chance to review the LEGO® Technic 42096 – Porsche 911 RSR. I couldn’t help but compare it to my other builds and while glamourous and sexy, it lacked the finer workings that could’ve made it great.

The build

The LEGO® Technic 42096 – Porsche 911 RSR is a standard build, beginning with the front and rear axle, suspension and transmission before moving onto the more complicated steering mechanism.

From there, you’ll move onto the bodywork, starting with the sides and doors where many of the detailed stickers come into play. The headlights are bulkier than the original car but fits quite well with the design. The bottom of the front bumper uses the gear racks that can be found in the bucket wheel excavator, but in black.

We then move to the back of the car to make the engine cover and back bumper. There are some interesting techniques used to keep elements at certain angles. The engine cover is a bit difficult to open up but gives you full access to the engine.

A nice addition to this build as some of the interesting facts that you’ll find in the instructions booklet.  

What’s done well

One of the best things about being a LEGO® enthusiast is discovering how creative and intelligent the designs can get. The Porsche 911 RSR is no exception. A lot of effort has gone into mirroring the design of the real deal – most notably around the bumper and framework of the car itself.

Overall it’s an excellent model but don’t expect it to match up to the LEGO® Technic 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The design is packed with details, both inside and out – expectedly since you get over 50 stickers in the set. You’ll spot details like the map of the track, the rear-view camera, etc. so if you have a keen eye for detail above functionality, this one’s for you.

This one would’ve been great to motorise as a standout feature and with some tweaks like HOG steering, stabilised gear rack, higher clearance, shifters and a geared up engine it could become an ultimate play set.

What could’ve been better

Even the most patient builder will balk at the massive 13 unnumbered bags, so be prepared to look hard for the parts you need.

The back engine cover is a clunky piece of creation which holds back its sleekness and basic steering functionality lends it to the standard expectations of a Technic build.


A little more fizzle than sizzle but a good choice for the Technic novice.


What you’ll find in the box

– 1 580 pieces

– 2 large sticker sheets of 52 individual stickers

– 13 unnumbered bags

– 4 loose tyres