Announcing the first round of crowdfunding for the BrickLink Designer Program featuring LEGO® IDEAS 10k Club Projects!

Fans can pre-order their favorites; the first five projects to reach 3,000 pre-orders will be produced. Two more crowdfunding rounds will follow this fall.

Los Angeles, USA –  June 24th, 2021: Today, BrickLink announces the first round of crowdfunding for the BrickLink Designer Program. We invite LEGO fans to pre-order their favorites among eight fan projects on the BrickLink Designer Program page.

First round crowdfunding officially opens on July 1st at 3:00pm ‘UTC / 5:00pm CET / 8:00am PST. The first five projects to reach the goal of 3,000 pre-orders will be produced as a limited edition set. Up to 5,000 of each will be produced based on pre-orders received from registered BrickLink members.

The candidates for the first round of crowdfunding are:

For this year’s iteration of the Designer Program, BrickLink and the LEGO Ideas team invited select LEGO Ideas 10K Club projects to fulfill the dreams of its talented fan designers and supporters. Two more rounds of crowdfunding will follow later this fall, and up to 15 out of 26 projects will be realized as a part of the program.

Designer Program sets will feature digital building instructions provided by the LEGO Building Instructions mobile app. Digital instructions help us fulfil our Planet Promise by using less paper and saving on shipping weight, which in turn reduces emissions while delivering your set to you. The app lets you zoom, rotate and view your model in 3D and ghost view mode to see how far you’ve come and what part you’re in the process of building. The LEGO Building Instructions app is great at keeping track of complex builds and makes it easy to save your building steps online so you can recycle instruction books.

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