76273 Batman™ Construction Figure and Bat-Pod Bike Review

By Barry Kay (SAFOLs Brick Boss, CapeLUG Member, Batman … Ssshhhh!)

LEGO® has always excelled at bringing iconic characters and vehicles from popular culture to life through intricate and imaginative sets. The LEGO® DC Comics Superheroes Batman™ Construction Figure and Bat-Pod Bike set (76273) is no exception, combining the dynamic presence of Batman with the sleek design of the Bat-Pod Bike. This set captures the essence of the Dark Knight while offering an engaging and satisfying building experience for both seasoned LEGO® enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Set Overview

The set features two primary components: the Batman construction figure and the Bat-Pod Bike. The set is designed for builders aged 8 and up, making it accessible to younger builders while still offering complexity and detail that can be appreciated by older fans. With a total of 713 pieces, the set strikes a balance between a manageable build time and a detailed, rewarding finished product.

Batman Construction Figure

The Batman construction figure stands as a testament to the LEGO® designers’ ability to translate iconic characters into brick-built forms. Standing at approximately 10 inches tall, the figure captures Batman’s imposing presence with an impressive level of detail and articulation.

The construction of the Batman figure uses a combination of traditional LEGO® System bricks and Technic elements, providing a robust and poseable final product. Key building techniques include:

1. Ball and Socket Joints: These joints are used extensively throughout the figure, particularly in the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. This allows for a wide range of motion and poses, enhancing playability and display options. The use of these joints ensures that Batman can be posed in dynamic stances, such as crouching or readying a Batarang.

2. SNOT (Studs Not On Top): This technique is used to create smooth surfaces and detailed armor plating on Batman’s suit. By attaching bricks and plates at unconventional angles, builders can achieve the angular, tactical look characteristic of Batman’s costume.

3. Layering and Greebling: To capture the texture and intricate design of Batman’s armor, the build incorporates layers of plates and small detail pieces (greebles). This technique adds depth and realism to the figure, making it visually striking.

The Batman figure’s design faithfully represents the character’s appearance from the DC Comics universe. Key design elements include:

Cowl and Cape: Batman’s iconic cowl is sculpted using specialized elements that seamlessly integrate with the figure’s head. The cape, made from soft fabric, adds a touch of realism and completes the Dark Knight’s silhouette.

Chest Emblem: The Bat emblem on Batman’s chest is prominently displayed using printed elements, ensuring it remains sharp and recognizable.

Utility Belt: The utility belt is constructed using a combination of small plates and tiles, creating a detailed and functional-looking accessory.

Bat-Pod Bike

The Bat-Pod Bike is a sleek, futuristic vehicle that perfectly complements the Batman figure. With its streamlined design and attention to detail, the Bat-Pod is a standout component of this set.

The construction of the Bat-Pod Bike involves several advanced building techniques that contribute to its sturdy structure and realistic appearance:

1. Technic Framework: The core of the Bat-Pod is built using Technic beams and connectors. This ensures the vehicle is robust and can withstand play while maintaining a sleek profile.

2. SNOT: Like the Batman figure, the Bat-Pod utilizes SNOT techniques to achieve smooth, angular surfaces. This is particularly evident in the bike’s bodywork, where plates are attached at various angles to create a cohesive design.

3. Wheels and Suspension: The Bat-Pod features large, rubberized wheels that provide excellent traction and stability. The suspension system, built using Technic shock absorbers, allows for realistic movement and enhances playability.

The design of the Bat-Pod Bike is inspired by its appearance in the Christopher Nolan Batman films, particularly “The Dark Knight” trilogy. Key design elements and functionalities include:

Aerodynamic Shape: The bike’s body is streamlined and angular, capturing the aggressive and futuristic look of the Bat-Pod. The use of dark grey and black bricks, along with transparent elements for lights, adds to the overall aesthetic.

Control Handles and Foot Pegs: The Bat-Pod features handlebars and foot pegs that can accommodate the Batman figure, allowing for realistic and immersive play. The figure can be securely positioned on the bike, ready to patrol the streets of Gotham City.

Weaponry and Gadgets: True to Batman’s gadget-laden persona, the Bat-Pod is equipped with functional elements such as stud shooters, representing the vehicle’s weapon systems. These add an element of interactive play, allowing builders to engage in imaginative crime-fighting scenarios.

Building Experience

One of the highlights of this set is the building experience itself. The set provides a satisfying challenge that engages builders without being overly complex. The instructions are clear and well-organized, guiding builders through the assembly process step by step.

Display and Playability

Once completed, the set offers excellent display and play value.

The Batman figure, with its dynamic posing options and detailed design, makes for an impressive display piece. Whether positioned in a heroic stance or ready for action on the Bat-Pod, the figure adds a striking visual element to any LEGO® collection.

For younger builders and fans of Batman, the set provides ample play opportunities. The poseable figure and functional Bat-Pod encourage imaginative play and storytelling. Builders can recreate scenes from the comics and movies or invent their own adventures in Gotham City.


The LEGO® DC Comics Superheroes Batman Construction Figure and Bat-Pod Bike set (76273) is a remarkable addition to the LEGO® DC Comics line. Combining advanced building techniques, attention to detail, and a high level of playability, this set captures the essence of Batman in a way that both builders and fans will appreciate.

Whether you are a seasoned LEGO® builder looking for a new challenge or a Batman enthusiast eager to add a unique piece to your collection, this set delivers on all fronts. The blend of traditional LEGO® System and Technic elements results in a robust, poseable figure and a sleek, functional vehicle, making it a must-have for any LEGO® and DC Comics fan.