71738 Ninjago Legacy Zane’s Titan Mech Battle Review

By Barry Kay (SAFOLs Brick Boss, CapeLUG EXCO, Batman … Ssshhhh!)

LEGO® is celebrating 10 years of Ninjago. With this they have recreated some awesome sets from previous years. Each set comes with a 10 Year anniversary Golden Minifigure of one of the main Characters. Each minifigure has exclusive torso printing.

This review looks at 71738 Ninjago Legacy Zane’s Titan Mech Battle with is a recreation of 70737 Titan Mech Battle from 2015 but only Zane’s Ice Mech, bigger and better. The set has 840 parts.

The box is designed with the usual Ninjago flair. The Mech posed on the front and an image of the Golden Minifigure that comes in this box. This set comes with a Golden Jay.

The back shows a posed battle scene and Mech movement / articulation images.

Inside the box there are six numbered bags, a sticker sheet, and the instructions booklet.

The Build

As with all Mech builds, we start on the torso. It is a solid build with great use of gold bars to make the spine and six pack of the Mech. Other great parts used are pearl dark grey beehives used as thrusters on the Torso, a pearl silver shuriken blade on the right arm and gold sword blade on the left arm.

The movement of this mech has been taken to the next level. Using a combination of ball and ratchet joints which makes the mech really solid and stable when posing in all different positions. It has adjustable elbows, shoulders, hips, and ankles. The truly amazing addition are the knee joints. The articulation gives the same style of movement as an actual human knee. This is achieved by using Technic 3-ball steering arms which is genius in my opinion.

On either side of the head there are two spring-loaded missile launchers for a bit of fun when playing. The cockpit where the Zane minifigure sits, is situated in the top part of the torso, just below the head. The one issue is, to get Zane in securely you must practically take the front of the torso off in order to be able to try clip him in to hold onto the steering sticks. You will also need to take off his back sword sheath. For quick play you will probably just pop him in and let him rattle around the cockpit.

The Minifigures

All the four minifigures are exclusive to this set. With dual faces and popping colours, these minifigures are really something to look at. They consist of Legacy version of Deepstone Zane, Ghoultar, Soul Archer and of course the Golden Jay Legacy Minifigure.


The finished build is a spectacular sight at 26cm in height. The colours used all fit very well together.

The playability and possibility are phenomenal. This is a must for any Mech lover.

Selling at R 1,199.99 it is real value for money and highly recommended.