70705 Galaxy Squad Bug Obliterator

By James Burnett (SAFOLs Member, CapeLUG Member)

After building my first Galaxy Squad set (70702 – Warp Stinger), I immediately went looking for my second (and third and fourth…) sets. I managed to find the Bug Obliterator (70705) released in 2013. For those unfamiliar with the theme, it is centered on humans and robotic sidekicks that are protecting worlds against an invasion by an alien insect-like race. The humans are divided into four teams, each with a unique colour (red, blue, green and orange) and speciality. The humans have various vehicles designed to survive in outer space. The vehicles of the aliens look like animal hybrids.

The set’s name is derived from the large human vehicle which makes up the bulk of the set and belongs to the Orange Team. The main strength of the Orange Team is their fire power and this is certainly the case with this vehicle. The aliens have a small vehicle, who in all honesty will be completely obliterated should they go head to head with the aptly named Bug Obliterator.

The Build

The build starts with the alien vehicle. Even though it is a relatively small build, the use of parts is creative and the trans-neon green, trans-purple, lime and dark red colours make for a very interesting and appealing colour combination. The trans-purple cocoon attaches to the back of the alien vehicle and is used to trap members of the human teams.

Figure 1: The Alien Vehicle

The human vehicle is made up of two parts, a land vehicle and a space vehicle, which combines into one larger vehicle. It is a fun build that makes use of a lot of interesting building techniques.

Figure 2: Combined Human Vehicle
Figure 3: Separation of the Land Vehicle from the Space Craft
Figure 4: Land Vehicle using the Missile Torrent

The Minifigures

The set comes with four minifigures. The first is Jack Fireblade. He comes with a nice torso print (front and back). I appreciated that all the human figures have an alternate face with what looks like an oxygen mask.

The second minifigure is Ashlee Starstrider. I am glad to see a female member of the Orange Team and she is exclusive to this set. I am however disappointed that she has the same torso and legs and that she did not get a unique print. Although I understand this was either a cost saving decision or it was decided that all space suits would look the same as in real life, irrespective of gender. She does have a nice blue lip print.

The third minifigure is a orange robot sidekick. The minifigure does not have a traditional face, but rather the helmet serves as the head. The head of the robot sidekick is different to each team, giving some variety to the look and feel of the sidekick.

The fourth and last minifigure is the winged mosquitoid. The mosquitoid is dark red and olive green. The trans-bright green wing accessory creates the look and feel of real wings. The dark red antenna is separate to the head and requires fine motor skills to insert as it is extremely fine.


What stands out for me about this set (and other sets in this theme) is the attention to detail and the interlocking design of the various elements and vehicles to create larger vehicles. This is something I have not seen in any other theme. Overall it is a fun and interesting build.