40341 – Xtra Polybag

Reviewed by Rakesh Gosai (SAFOLs Exco, NMBLUG Member)

LEGO has recently re-introduced accessories packs. Receiving this before it got released was a delight. LEGO previously released the first five accessory packs and three Xtra-themed play-mats, but today we’re looking at the 40341 Sea Accessories. It will be available in January 2019.The packs include only accessories with no minifigures.

These are the 32 elements included in the pack:

  1. Treasure Chest (Top & Bottom)
  2. Barrel
  3. Shark & Lower Jaw
  4. White 1×1 Round Plate x 2
  5. Red 1×1 Round Plate x 2
  6. Pirate Map
  7. Dark Brown Sabre Hilts x 2
  8. Parrot
  9. Spear x 2
  10. Binoculars
  11. 24 Facets Jewel x 3
  12. Stars x 2
  13. Fish
  14. Surfboard
  15. Oar
  16. Clamshell
  17. 4L bars x 2
  18. Orange Cone
  19. Flippers x 3
  20. Plate 2×2 with Round Bottom

By far my two favourite elements are the Parrot and the Shark, one can never have too many of these in your collection. I’m glad that LEGO has been issuing themed-based accessory packs. It gives immediate access to some Xtra elements to add to your collection! The LEGO Xtra 40341 would go together nicely with the LEGO Xtra Sea Playmat 853841.