31137 Creator 3-in-1 Adorable Dogs Review

By Rakesh Gosai (SAFOLs Brick Deputy)

I recently got my hands on the LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 Adorable Dogs (31137) set, and let me tell you, it’s pretty paw-some! As someone who has a pet dog AND loves animals, this set caught my eye with its cute doggy designs and fun extras. Plus, you never know what cool building tricks or pieces you might discover along the way, right?

What’s Inside and How Much?

This set comes with 475 pieces and is priced between R385.00 and R499.00. Not bad at all considering the bang for your buck! It’s always nice when you feel like you’re getting more than what you paid for.

The Fun Stuff

Now, let’s dive into the good stuff. This set lets you build not just the adorable pups but also doggy essentials like a food bowl, chew toys, and even a magic leash. That’s pretty cool, right? Plus, there are some unique pieces thrown in, like a Black elastic wire that’s usually hard to come by.

The Doggy Crew

When it comes to the pups, you’ve got quite the lineup – from a Labrador Golden Retriever to a Beagle, a Poodle, and more. While the building process can get a bit same-old, same-old, it’s a neat way to learn the ropes and get creative with customizations. The dogs turn out cute, but maybe a bit more puppy-like than full-grown doggo vibes.

The Final Bark

In a nutshell, this set is a hit or miss depending on your love for dogs. Kids are sure to have a blast with the simple builds and cute designs. But if dogs aren’t your thing, it might not fetch your interest as much. Despite some repetitiveness, the set offers a good mix of fun and educational value, making it a solid choice for dog enthusiasts and LEGO® lovers alike.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of puppy love to your LEGO® collection, the Creator 3-in1 Adorable Dogs (31137) set could be just the tail-wagging addition you need!