31119 Creator 3-in-1 Ferris Wheel Review

Reviewed by Riëtte Badenhorst (SAFOLs Member) and her son Gabriel

Pieces 1002, Age 9+, Released June 2021, Price R 1599.99

This build was done by Gabriel, almost-12 year’s old, and these are his views on how he liked this set.

Why did you decide to build the Ferris wheel build first?

I liked to build the Ferris wheel first because it’s the biggest build of the three.

What did you like most about the build?

I liked that I was able to motorise it with the LEGO® Technic parts.

I liked that it is interactive, and we can put people into the carts, and they have different colours that makes it fun.

It was easy enough to build and didn’t take too long.

The colourful style is very eye catching and we can put it with our Fun Town at home.

What changes did you make to the build?

The set is on 2 16×16 baseplates but we put those on a full baseplate to be more stable and so we could add other things like the ticket counter on it.

If Mom gets another set of this, which of the other two options would you build?

Definitely the bumper cars.