10300 Icons™ Back to the Future Time Machine Review

By Rakesh Gosai (SAFOLs Brick Deputy)

As an AFOL, I was ecstatic when this set got released because I missed getting the Lego Ideas version, but seeing the sheer size of the box, I am glad I was able to get this set!

My first impression was that of excitement and getting to re-live the nostalgia of Back to the Future AND getting to experience the build process.

The set has 1872 pieces, two exclusive minifigures and two parts specially made for this set. In an attempt to match the DeLorean’s shape, LEGO has produced two new molds for this set. The first is a new trapezoidal windscreen in transparent-clear, and the second is a new 2×4 sloped triangular roof tile. There is also a new colour for existing parts, like these black 22L Zip-line hoses, which were previously only available in silver.

The DeLorean has the parts to make the three versions from the three movies as indicated on the back of the box . There are two sticker sheets, and full of movie-accurate details. If you look, you’ll notice that the word “DeLorean” doesn’t appear anywhere – this vehicle is referred to as “Time Machine”. Maybe there were some legal issues in using the name.

I feel certain sections of this build could have been refined before releasing this set. I was disappointed in the windows as they looked out of proportion. The gull wing doors are designed really beautifully but unfortunately do not stay open, the tend to slowly close. The silver electrical cable on the outside of the vehicle has too big of a gap in certain sections. The number plates look amazing but some disassembly is required when changing it.

When the doors are open, one can see the oddly coloured pieces sticking out like a sore thumb, I just wish LEGO the designers would have noticed this as this set would primarily be bought by a collector and we notice all these details. The red technic pieces also stand out when the doors are open, I feel that these could have been made in black. Having said all of these, I am sure one can fix these issues with a few small tweaks.

The minifigures are exclusive to this set but do not fit in the Time Machine, LEGO Technic Classic Figures fit correctly inside and I wonder why LEGO has stopped making these as this would have complimented the display of this set.

I really liked the way the windscreen fitted into the build, and this windscreen was individually wrapped to guarantee no scratches on it. The sides of the bonnet make use of the new 2×4 inclined triangle roof slope bricks. This new element does an amazing job of matching the DeLorean’s shape. It’ll be interesting to see how this piece is utilized in future sets.

The gaps in-between the bricks, especially on the bonnet, and the back section of the time machine, are so perfectly designed. The plutonium box is from Part I, and Marty’s hover board is from Part II. Both have stickers to give them their look. Since this vehicle isn’t made to LEGO minifigure scale, the “play value” of the hoverboard is limited, but it’s still a fun addition.

 The back section and the place where the flux capacitor fits is an impressive design. The way the tyres flip into the hover mode is designed flawlessly, however the rear tyres do touch the body of the Time Machine.

The manual follows the Adult Collector blueprint, starting with a few pages giving some background on the set and theme, and a short interview with the set’s LEGO designer, Sven Franic. The black background for the pages is replaced with a dark grey colour, making assembly easier to follow. There are a few bits of trivia scattered throughout the build. Another small issue I noticed was that some of the instructions were not clear and I had to turn a few pages ahead to make sure I was building this correctly.

The build is fun and engaging, and provided you only build one model, hassle-free. The look of all three versions is excellent, and I know I am already considering picking up multiple copies so I can display them all together!

Minifigures                                         10/10

Display value                                      10/10

Building techniques                        8/10

Value for money                              6/10

Overall product experience         8/10

This set is priced in the region of the LEGO Creator Expert sets and I would recommend it to anyone who loved this movie!